3 Week Group online class
Dates: March 6-27 
 Your cost: sliding scale from $99.00-$249.00(Value $650  )

The Self care Stress free transformation could change your life…
You are a woman who takes care of everyone and everything EXCEPT YOU, You just can’t seem to make yourself a priority and you would like to learn how to change that...

This class is for you if:
  • you feel stressed somewhat regularly 
  • you want to understand WHY you do the things you do 
  • you want to learn practical (tangible) ways to stop the Stress. 

Weekly zoom calls Wednesday 6-7:30pm. On this call you will learn WHY you do the things you do and learn practical ways to change your stress- literally a “do this when you feel stressed” so you will have multiple ways to deal with stress and change your biology. The zoom calls will be recorded if you can’t make them.
Self-care ideas to nourish yourself will be dripped weekly in the private community forum for support and discussion. The community forum will be up for several weeks past the class, and a free online community will be available. All the zoom calls will be recorded, the dripped self care will be in a form and accessible on google drive link so you can have this forever. 

The details of the class:

  • 5 group Zoom calls teaching stress management techniques (Wednesday evenings 6-7:30)
  • Private, online community forum with weekly dripped self love, self-care information.
  1. Online Customized Workshop (Sunday March 20)
  2. 1:1 Bodymind session (or online) with reiki (for first 5 signed up)
Dates: March 7-27
Your cost: sliding scale from $99.00-$249.00(Value $650  )

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