Nantucket Massage & Wellness Center
4 Bartlett Road, Nantucket
Not your average massage...

I work on the WHY you have chronic issues: 

  • Resolve Acute Issues with Postural Alignment Therapy and Cupping
  • Nourish your body with massage, essential oils and relaxation techniques
  • Support a healthy lifestyle with wellness consultations, body-mind coaching and healthy habits

We are located at 4 Bartlett Road, Nantucket. By appointment only. 


Focus on Therapeutic Results
Focus on Relaxation Results

A bit more about the sessions...

Sessions are 80 min
Single session available for a limited time
(I am transitioning into all new clients starting with a series focused on their chronic pain or chronic stress). 
Progress is made between my hands-on work plus curated home self-care on an ongoing basis. 
Massage is a  band-aid effect unless commitment for self-care is made by the client.
The ideal client wants to address  issues and is willing and committed to making change. 
Change takes time.

Mixed Modalities at each session according to Client's needs and wants

Modalities Offered in Sessions


Postural Therapy


Price List:
In Person Therapy: 
Single Sessions: as available 
  • 80 min Single Session $200
  • 60 min Single Session $130 (by approval as followup)
  • 110 min combined massage  $250
* Ask about monthly subscriptions for year-round clients-currently filled up but may have openings this fall. It is a monthly massage at a particular day/time, year-round.

Online Sessions available as part of a custom series:
60 min coaching/Posture work- $150.00