I am not your average practitioner:
Nurturing Touch meets Science 
I work on the root of the issue.

I am a massage therapist, esthetician, health coach and movement specialist in a single but busy practice on the island of Nantucket, Ma. I specialize in: 

Massage: Getting to the root of chronic pain and stress

Facials: Aging well and natural health skincare.

Wellness Services
located at 4 Bartlett Road, Nantucket, Ma 
By appointment only

Customized for Chronic Pain or Stress
  • Cupping
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Rocktape
  • Neurostim Microcurrent

Natural Skincare and Pro-Aging
  • Le Mieux Skincare- the Serum Authority
  • Celluma Red Light Therapy
  • 7E Wellness Microcurrent

Bodywork Wellness Series
  • Lymphatic Wellness
  • Fascia and Posture Wellness
  • Chronic Pain or Chronic Stress 
  • Facial Series- Aging or Facia Health

Coaching and Consulting
  • Consulting= VIP days and DIY
  • Coaching= Online or in person support for a determined length of time towards a wellness goal. No bodywork

Price List:
  • 80 min Single Session $200
  • 60 min Single Session $150 (by approval as follow-up)
  • 110 min combined massage PLUS  $250
  • 50 min single session $200 ($150 winter Special)
  • 80 min facial plus add-on session $250 ($200 winter Special)

Wellness Series: at cost plus 
Wellness Discovery Session- $150
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation policy:
Please give 24 hours notice to cancel unless you are suddenly sick. There is a $50 charge for less than 24 hours cancellation unless I can fill it.
While you can reschedule appointments online, if you cancel or reschedule excessively, you may not be invited back to my clinic.

Do you always do 80 min sessions?
I typically do 80 min because it allows for deep relaxation as well as extra time on therapeutic areas.  However- the one hour is good for people who want a shorter session everywhere or one longer focused area. Two hours allows for a combination of modalities with plenty of time.
Treatment Type vs Modalities  how does that fit in?
We start with what type of service you want (massage or facial) and what solution you want to accomplish. I pick the modalities that best serve the solution and offer them. 
For massage- people choose typically to deal with chronic pain or stress relief.
For Facials: people choose to address aging, hydration, or brightening.
Each treatment is a short term solution. To have long-term root-cause solutions, there needs to be a longer series of treatments....
Insurance- do you work with this?
No. I do not take insurance or communicate with insurance companies for the benefit of insuance claims, even with your written consent. 
I am happy to receive communication from other providers on how I can fit into their treamtent plans for you.
Do you do outcalls?
No- appointments are by appointment only at my office located at 4 Bartlett road, Nantucket.
I am here on vacation. Can I book a massage?
No. As a single therapist in a busy practice- I work on year-round clients and regular summer clients. Exceptions would be made for coaching clients in VIP days or bodywork series.
​Acne is my biggest facial issue- do ​you work on this?
No- my focus is on pro-aging with a strong emphasis on home care client education. 


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