Nantucket Massage & Wellness Center
4 Bartlett Road, Nantucket
I am not your average practitioner:
Nurturing Touch meets Science 
I work on the root of the issue.

I am a massage therapist, esthetician, health coach and movement specialist in a single but busy practice on the island of Nantucket, Ma. I specialize in: 

Massage: Getting to the root of chronic pain and stress

Facials: Aging well and natural health skincare.

Wellness Services
located at 4 Bartlett Road, Nantucket, Ma 
By appointment only

Customized for Chronic Pain or Stress
  • Cupping
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Rocktape
  • Neurostim Microcurrent

Natural Skincare and Pro-Aging
  • Le Mieux Skincare- the Serum Authority
  • Celluma Red Light Therapy
  • 7E Wellness Microcurrent


Bodywork Wellness Series
  • Lymphatic Wellness
  • Fascia and Posture Wellness
  • Chronic Pain or Chronic Stress 
  • Facial Series- Aging or Facia Health

Coaching and Consulting
  • Consulting= VIP days and DIY
  • Coaching= Online or in person support for a determined length of time towards a wellness goal.

Price List:
  • 80 min Single Session $200
  • 60 min Single Session $150 (by approval as follow-up)
  • 110 min combined massage PLUS  $250
  • 50 min single session $150
  • 80 min facial plus add-on session $200

Wellness Series: at cost plus 
Wellness Discovery Session- $150

Common Questions:

-I am here on vacation- can I book a massage? No. As a single therapist in a busy practice- I work on year-round clients and regular summer clients. Exceptions would be made for coaching clients in VIP days or bodywork series.
-Do you do outcalls?  No- appointments are by appointment only at my office located at 4 Bartlett road, Nantucket.
-Do you always do 80 min sessions? I typically do 80 min because it allows for deep relaxation as well as extra time on therapeutic areas.  However- the one hour is good for people who want a shorter session everywhere or one longer focused area. Two hours allows for a combination of modalities with plenty of time.
I have acne. Do you work on these issues? No- my focus is on pro-aging with a strong emphasis on home care client education.

Mixed Modalities at each session according to Client's desired goal


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