Nantucket Massage & Wellness Center
4 Bartlett Road, Nantucket
I work on the WHY you have chronic issues: 

  • Resolve Acute Issues with Postural Alignment Therapy and Cupping
  • Nourish your body with massage, essential oils and relaxation techniques
  • Support a healthy lifestyle with wellness consultations and healthy habits

We are located at 4 Bartlett Road, Nantucket. By appointment only. 

Services Offered

Postural Therapy

Tools- Coming Soon

Postcard Link Instructions

Essential Oils- Non toxic lifestyle

Price List:
In Person Therapy: 
  • 80 min Body-Mind Massage Monthly Subscription $175*
  • 90 day Total Being Well Transformation $1495
Single Sessions: as available 
  • PTX package- $250
  • Posture single session- $150
  • Single Massage $200
* Body-Mind Massage Monthly subscriptions are currently filled up. It is a monthly massage at a particular time, year-round.