Bodywork Wellness Series
Solution based series of treatments
 in a container with support 
creates transformation

All series start with looking at 
Where you are now
Where you WANT to be
 Together, we create an action plan to get you there.
I bring the expertise. You do the (home) work.

Lymphatic Wellness
Fascia and Posture Wellness
Chronic Pain or Chronic Stress 
Facial Series- Aging or Facia Health

Fascia and Posture Wellness
Hands-on Bodywork Sessions & Exercise Homework
6 sessions- $1500 (80 min sessions scheduled about 2 weeks apart...)
In the fascia and posture wellness series, we mix hands-on bodywork with home-work addressing your specific needs. 
We start by looking at your issues (both your chronic pain and your posture) and see what you want to accomplish together.
We create a plan that includes hands on structual bodywork (alignment based massage, cupping, rocktape, microcurrent) and home care (typically exercises and mobility self care.) You have access to email questions between sessions during the container.

Lymphatic Wellness Series
Hands-on lymphatic bodywork plus home self-care education
6 Sessions $1200 
(Ideally, Session 1-2 close, Session 3-4 1 week apart, session 5-6 two weeks apart) 
In the lymphatic series you get hands on lymphatic series bodywork (We start with any scar work and lymphatic restoration with the dolphin neurostim) then do hands on lymphatic drainage. 
Your home work self care includes movement to promote lymphatic drainage, body brushing, education on nutrition for lympatic health, and education on a healthy lymphatic system...

Lymphatic Drainage is VERY LIGHT work. It is not massage (which works into the tissue. Drainage works on gentle SKIN STRETCH.) We work over skin (typically underwear is left on but not bra.) You need to be healthy enough to have excess water back into system- kidney or heart disease, acute illness are not canidates. 

Facial Series
A Series of Facials or Facial Treatments

Series add-on
LED Therapy (in person or rented for two weeks)
Microcurrent- (in person or done yourself at home)

Facial plus Body Integration:
Address the posture of body AND face together with this structural based treatment. While you get a basic facial, the focus is on the face tissue. Lots of massage (buccal inter-oral, gua-sha, european spindle lifting, and cupping)
Please wear a bra top and underwear for the hands on bodywork.
This is a 2 hour treatment. You can continue at home or in person.

Chronic Pain or Stress Series
Whats the root cause of your chronic pain or stress? 
Wellness Coaching only: $600 for 6 biweekly sessions

This is custom tailored to you.
Online or in person or a mix for a container of support. 
Email support while in program.
VIP day options for those who are online and travel to Nantucket for 1:1.




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