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Aging gracefully
Beauty from the inside out...


The Pro-Aging well facial services I offer are individually customized to your unique skin conditions and focus. I take a holistic approach to aging, emphasizing not just how you look, but how healthy your skin is. My focus is on reducing inflammation and increasing hydration using sophisticated tools, aimed at not just your skin- but your facial muscles and fascia as well.  The products use anti-aging peptides, and an array of ingredients designed to gently exfoliate, brighten, tone, and hydrate. My services nurture your skin to age gracefully and radiantly while improving your overall health and wellbeing.
Facials are scheduled via time and you pick your focus....

Pro-aging peptides 
Time is 50 min (basic) or 80 min (advanced)
Minimal extractions done and no waxing.

Service Menu:
50 min Facial- $200 (-$50 winter discount) =$150
50 min Targeted service in series ($150 each) 
80 min Combo facial- $250 (-$50 winter discount) =$200
110 min Combined facial and massage $300(-$50 discount)=$250

About the services:
Products used: LeMieux- "The serum authority"
Celluma Face Mask (30 min)
Microcurrent- by 7E Wellness and Anma by Jane Mann
80 min facial includes extra massage, microcurrent, or a LED treatment.

LeMieux Skincare
The Serum Authority
I looked hard to find a company that had clean products, included peptides and was focused on hydration. It was also important to have a good price point from a client perspective.
I found all these in LeMieux (though I do use a few different individual products.) See LeMieux's Story here...
To order LeMieux Products from my affiliate link (and get my professional support, click the button below....
Toning muscles. Releasing Fascia. Stimulating Lymph
7E Wellness devices and Avazia Evolution
Our bodies are electric, and microcurrent can be used to help heal. Microcurrent uses very small amounts of electricity to influence our bodies currents. (And its truly small- a millionth of an amp vs a Tens Unit is a thousandth of an amp)
I have training in vagal nerve protocols, scar protocols, concussion protocols, fascia protocols and lymphatic support in microcurrent.
In Facials, microcurrent is used to tone muscles, release fascia (wrinkles), and stimulate your lymphatic system.
Pictured here are the stimulating gloves, but microcurrent can also be used through probes, gua sha and also attached to masks to increase product absorption.  
Microcurrent can be taught to you for home treatment or it could be done in a series professionally,

Celluma Red Light Therapy
Collagen production, Pain management and Hair Restoration
Light therapy is the application of specific wavelengths of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions including skin, pain and hair restoration.
In a facial, it adds thirty minutes treatment and would typically be used for acne or anti-inflammation (like before a peel) or after a nanochannel pen. 
It can be used in a series in person for collagen production (typically 6-12 times over a 2-3 week period) though they can be rented and used at home for this. 
Hair restoration is regular use over a 8 week period of time- ideally using products to increase hair growth as well. (LeMiuex has a new product for this.) 
While safe for most people- the lights are not ideal for epliepsy (it blinks brightly even with eye safety on) and a few sun-sensative medicines.

Facial Series

Like we can have a focus wellness series for massage, we can do the same for facials- typically towards toning, brightening or hydrations. I always like to educate or skin health, how nutrition plays in, the importance of sunscreen, lympatic wellness and fascia health.
Also- you could do a series or microcurrent (both for toning or scar work) or celluma light therapy.

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