Got Chronic Pain or Stress?

Are you busy? Stressed out? 
Have aches and pains?
That nagging feeling that 
this is what its like to get old? 
You want to FEEL GOOD- AGE WELL-
and create healthy habits FAST- 
you have a life to lead still!

I help women feel better 
and stay well for life.


I'm a different kid of Practitoner.
I help YOU find solutions to your
chronic pain and stress. 
Get to the root of the issue.

   I'm Rachel Dixon, Holistic Health Practitioner
People call me massage therapist, esthetician, postural alignment therapist, health and Bodymind coach...

But what I DO is Listen to your issues, hold space, apply principles and modalities, and help you come up with a plan to Feel Good- Now and Forever...

I have over 20 years of experience massaging people addressing their chronic pain and chronic stress...

and I have discovered secrets to SIMPLY and EASILY get to the root of 80% of your chronic pain and stress issues....

(And I can support you for that last 20% or get you to someone else who can...)

You can work with me this way:

I see people in person at my office-
Nantucket Massage and Wellness Center, 
4 Bartlett Road, Nantucket,Ma 02554

and I educate on lifestyle wellness
 online via Zoom at 
The Art of Being Well.



In person services focusing on Chronic Pain, Chronic Stress, on Nantucket, MA

Being Well Group Lifestyle & Online Classes

 With the right action plan, systems and support, most people feel significantly better....
but its NOT from the massage....
(No, that's just a band-aid effect, 
*though* the massage can be helpful to see patterns in tissue)
Change happens with a combination 
of Inner Work 
and Lifestyle Changes.