Resolve Acute Issues with corrective exercises and cupping…


Nourish your body with massage, essential oils, and relaxation techniques….


Support a healthy Lifestyle with coaching and creating healthy habits….




Services offered:

Massage Therapy:   Sessions are scheduled for 1.5 hours. $150.00

Add-ons: An Egoscue Postural Alignment menu emailed after your session  $50

Postural Alignment Therapy Session:  Initial Session: 1.5 hours, $150.00

Followup Postural/Masage/Rocktape Session:  1 hour sessions: $100/ 30min sessions:$60

Massage Cupping Aromatherapy Bodywork:   1.5 hour appointment: $150.00 

**Massage Cupping Lymphatic Face Treatment: 1.5 hour appointment $150 *** not currently offered due to covid protocols

***Earseeds Consulatation: 1hr $100- not currently offered

Zyto Scan-   $50  biofeeback reading for essentail oils – comes with custom essential oil inhaler

My services include Massage, postural sessions, massage cupping, aromatherapy,  and series of wellness coaching. The sessions generally overlap- so when you schedule one service, you often get to experience all my professions. For example- during a massage, I may also address posture, do cupping and coach on healthy habits. However, the general scope of the session will still be the service you signed up for.

Please call to schedule an appointment  508-364-2380

Do you want to BE WELL?

Double your Energy?

Get rid of CHRONIC PAIN forever?

Create Healthy Living Habits that last?

Being Well is about so much more than

losing 10 lbs and fitting into your skinny jeans….

Health is a Spectrum

No matter where you start- You could always be worse.

You can always be better.

Being well is a journey of small manageable steps –

I’ll help you create the Pain-free life you always wanted to have

(yet only dreamed of having before…)