Healthy Doesn't Have to be Hard

I'm Rachel Dixon

Award Winning LMT
Postural Alignment Therapist
Wellness Consultant

I love connecting people to simple solutions.


In person services focusing on Chronic Pain, Chronic Stress, Chronic Disease

Being Well Lifestyle & Online Classes

Health is a Scale
Press the easy button and 
create easy habits that make change.
Love for Rachel

"For several months I have been feeling intense pain in my shoulders and arms.  I couldn’t sleep at night without at least 3 aspirin.  I knew it was somehow related to sewing daily for 25 years, hunched over my machine. Yesterday Rachel showed me what I was doing that was making the problem worse.  She gave me a few exercises to strengthen my core. Last night I slept with no pain and no aspirin!  I could even sleep on my side!  I know I have just begun, but I am now motivated to  follow through with her plan for me and regain my strength and mobility. I had no idea that posture affected my health so radically." - Ruth B.