Nantucket Massage and Wellness Center Sanitization Protocols and Procedures
“Rachel Dixon is dedicated to providing a safe and clean environment for her clients and herself”
  • We will be using the waiting room with a mask. Arrive on time, use the restroom and Rachel will get you at your scheduled time.
  • All clients are recommended to wear a mask (face covering) upon entering our facilities. If you do not have a mask, a mask could be provided. . A pillow case face rest is available for a more comfortable, face down instead of mask option.
Rachel as Practitioner: 
  • Disinfect all surfaces used by client and practitioner including headrest, chair, stool,  and doorknobs.
  • Wash hands/arms immediately before and after every treatment.
  • Clean and disinfect any tools used during treatment.
The Massage Space
  • HEPA filters and Molekule air purifier will be running in the massage room at all times.
  • Most fabric items have been replaced with plastic for ease of cleaning. Tubs are available for clothing. Carpet will be vacuumed with a hepa filter at the end of each day. 
  • All linens and blankets are changed between each treatment. The linens and blankets are cleaned and then placed in a plastic bag until use. 
  • High touch areas will be disinfected between clients, and the room aired out while client is changing in the bathroom. 
  • At the end of the day, additional cleaning will include vacuuming the floor