Dr.Emily Splichal
Podiatrist, Bare-foot exercise specialist, inventor of Naboso
(Really great free webinars, instructors, and science based education tying the foot, pelvis and nervous system together...)

I first was introduced to Dr.Emily Splichal (through education, not personal YET) in the answer to my question: WHO can teach more about creating a healthy foot. She is an MD podiatrist who works with people to correct the root of their problems through exercise and human movement.
She has lots of free and paid webinars, great educational classes for exercise specialists and brings great neurological based products to buy.

These webinars are about an hour long and FREE. They usually link to either a paid course (longer) or product education that is very useful.
Click HERE for the EBFA global webinars. 

Youtube links
There are LOTS of small info here. 
Click HERE for the general channel. 

Some of my favorite and most recommended links are:

Short foot- how to create that functional arch and tie it into your core

BARE- the basic exercise class of creating a strong foot and tying it into your entire body and nervous system.
Naboso Sensory Products
Build a healthy nervous system
I like using these products especially for my clients who have trouble FEELING where they are in space- Neuropathy- Parkinson's- MS
For people who need more STABILITY training- that foot to core work.
Work with Dr.Splichal 1:1
Have 1:1 personalized programs made for you.
Click HERE for her websiteClick HERE for her website
Expect to do the work and reap the rewards


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