Katy Bowman: Nutritious Movement
Katy Bowman was my first introduction to Foot exercises. I had been watching her program and Egoscue's for which posture/movement certification I would take. Katy never opened up certification again BUT she expanded into books, podcasts, blogs, videos and lots of online info.
My favorite thing of Katy's was her  CALF STRETCH...  but she is great at lots of functional movement. Its scientific but also very natural, paleo type movement. It brings embodiment into it by constantly bringing you back to FEELING into the movement. I love this curiosity.
Katy's website
Specific Exercises or Daily movement
I just love that Katy divides her stuff into the specific exercises (work this way for these issues) and daily movement snacks (explore movement as you go.) 
We need BOTH! 
Katy is very embodied in that while she educates you on the science, she has you explore how you feel and how the movement feels. This adds a lot of embodiment value.

Nutritious Movement Youtube
Free video education
Try these movement snacks!



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