Original Strength 

Original Strength works to re-set your nervous system. Just like when your computer hardwire is stuck, and turning your computer off and on again can reset it- original strength looks to reset your nervous system by getting back to the basics of movement. These basics happen to be Baby like movements. (Thats how our nervous system got set in the first place.) Each of these physical motor movements were tied into brain development. So resetting can re-settle nervous systems that have lost a few levels, or it could set things in place that never were there.
For example- crawling develops reading skills.
We are born as little flexion C's. The different movement motor skills babies make develop your extension curves in the body and develop our brain and nervous system. As we grow and have injuries (or lack of full movement patterns) we lose some of these skills. We can reset our nervous system by going back and re-setting our systems with the basic movement patterns again. 

We might increase mobility (We regain the ability to make the movement)

We might increase stability (our body will feel SAFE to make the movement)

We might improve the brain function tied in with movement.

Get curious and get moving!
Movement Resets
Youtube is VERY generous with the amount of info they put on their website!
Some of my favorite moves are the following:
Neck nods
Rocking: Hip openeners  
Rolling patterns

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