The holidays can be a great time of joy for many. But for others, they are

filled with anxiety and stress. Sometimes, even for those those

that love the

family get-togethers, the stress of holiday shopping, finances, and

hosting relatives can tear them apart. When stress hits at this time of

year, its easy to turn to that tray of cookies for moral support. After all,cookies won’t criticize you about your life choices the way your family will.

But that’s not healthy and you know it. If you find yourself gobbling down your emotions, may I recommend the following…

–¬† Be active. Where can you move more during your day?

– workout your mind… Try doing exercise puzzles, even if on your phone.

– Focus on moderation…

-Forgive yourself when you do gobble down something, Notice WHY this happened and be curious. What could you do to change it?