The holidays are jam-packed with an abundance of meals, parties, and gatherings that are filled with delicious but generally unhealthy foods.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the experience of feeling a little off track from your health goals during this season.


Holiday’s are especially known for people showing love with FOOD. Especially sugar food. And it can be very easy to over-do the sugar and treats…


There’s good news — it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  You can still enjoy your holiday dishes and still feel like you are on the right path to reach your health goals.


Here are a couple of ways to assure that you stay on your healthy path while still enjoying the holidays without depriving yourself 



  1. Drink up. Keep up with your water consumption throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.  If you aren’t a fan of water, infuse it with some lemon or lime to add a little pop of flavor.  Staying well hydrated will help you digest your food better, keep your cravings under control, help with feeling less bloated and staying regular.   If you’re partaking in any alcoholic beverages, it is helpful to have a tall glass of water before and after your alcoholic beverage to help keep hydrated.


  1. Don’t forget the veggies.   An easy way to make sure you still fit your veggies in is to have a green smoothie each day.  Starting off your day with one makes for an easy breakfast with a ton of benefit.  I love this cranberry kale smoothie recipe from Simple Green Smoothies.  You can even make your smoothie the night before, store it in a mason jar in your refrigerator, and not have to worry about breakfast in the morning.  So easy and delicious!


  1. Move your body. I know that it can be difficult to fit in a daily workout during the holidays when your schedule is jam-packed.  Like I said earlier, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  Find your balance while considering your options — pick a plan of action for the holidays that is feasible for you to do each day.  Is that starting off your day with a 20-minute yoga DVD at home?  Taking a walk after dinner each evening?  A dance workout DVD?   Find what works for you, and something you will enjoy, so you will stick with it.



Think about ways you can make things easier for yourself this holiday season. Can you let go of some things that aren’t necessary? Can you do something nice for yourself- like take time for a walk with friends, get a massage, or take a nap to re-charge?



Whatever you decide to do to create healthy holiday habits, have a wonderful holiday season from the Dixon Family!