Many people don’t do this consciously- they just drink as they think of it. Issue is, unless you have an accurate measurement of where you started- you can’t gauge what you need to do to arrive at the goal you set. And the goal for drinking more water should be better health. Week one will focus on this.

Attached is the pre-journal sheet for discovering how much water we already drink. It should be an average day for you. We will chart for three days. Each day, just place a check for every 8 oz glass of water you drink. You can also note if there was anything unusual for the day that challenged the results. This will give the baseline for our other weeks.

Week 1 will focus on WHY and HOW MUCH water

Week 2 will focus on HOW to drink more water

Week 3 will focus on When to drink water ideally

And along the way challenges will come up that we can discuss in the Facebook group!

Download Water Journal

After writing it down, how many people were surprised by how much water you drank? Was it less or more than you thought???

I think probably everyone in the WORLD knows that water is the most important beverage to drink…. After all, the human body is 55-60% water, it keeps fluid balance of the body, it flushes out waste, helps clear our skin, prevents muscle cramps, regulates metabolism and plays a crucial role in disease prevention… Yes, water is very important. But the knowledge that water is so good for us doesn’t always mean that we drink enough. (Knowledge doesn’t equal habit change. Oh- if only it did!) So here is yet another little know reason why we should drink water: it helps balance our blood sugar – especially if we are getting fluids by avoiding sugary drinks… Often those “hunger” pangs are often confused “thirst pangs”. (So when you get hungry- try a little water, wait twenty minutes and see if you are STILL hungry before you eat….)

How much water should you drink? There are lots of formulas based on your weight, activity etc… But lets push the EASY button. Adults should aim for about 8 glasses of water each week. (More if you are very active or in a hot environment or high elevations.) Also coffee, alcohol and sugary or caffeinated drinks are dehydrating, so a little extra is helpful when you drink these….

What to do if you drink way less than 8 glasses a day? Then ease into slowly increasing your consumption… You will need to go to the bathroom more often but this will shortly ease….

If you already drink 8 glasses then congratulations!

Daily Water and Movement Journal

If you are a tech savvy person (at least on your phone) you should check out .
They have a variety of apps but you customize them to include say: water, happiness, food, emotion etc. It can be very helpful when you are trying to see some pattern… Such as headaches. They show graphs (as long as you log in the info) and can be shared with someone (like a coach).

NOTE: The new part of the challenge is to add a glass of water with LEMON first thing in the AM. Like before your coffee. And to make a check mark for each glass of water….

How is the Lemon water going first thing in the am? Is it changing anything about your day?


Drinking water has to be convenient or we won’t do it. Having it accessible is a necessity. These are ways that have worked with some people.

-The fill up a gallon container and keep it on the counter (work fridge, etc) and use that to fill up their glass. This keeps track of how much is left to drink…. (Could be liters too)

-They always have water bottles available when they need it. For me: this means a bottle in the car that actually fits in the coffee holder. And remembering to have it filled up. I have another bottle that fits in the purse upright.

-some people drink more because the glass is pretty. (If this works for you please post a picture to the Facebook page!!!)

Flavoring water: Last week we added starting the day with a glass of lemon water…. Lemon water is a great natural way to detox the body and help keep it alkaline. It can also add a little something if water is just too bland for you. There are a lot of different natural water flavorings to add a little extra flavor and health… I like to find these on Pinterest….

Examples are:

Lemon, Mint and cucumber

Berries, basil and water

Watermelon and Rosemary or mint

Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber and mint

Grapefruit and Rosemary

The recipes can be made by washing the ingredients, muddling (crushing) them slightly in a container, cover them with water, refrigerate for 24 hours, then enjoy. (Don’t drink the herbs.) The water could be made a second time….

What methods/containers have worked for making water accessible for you?

There are not any hard and fast rules about drinking water.

AM:  That said, drinking 1-2 glasses first thing in the morning is great because you’ve been sleeping for 6-10 hours and it’s time to rehydrate!!!

Noon: It’s sometimes thought that people with digestive issues should avoid drinking (water or anything) when eating. If this is the case for you, then drink water maybe 30 min before or after a meal.

Afternoon: Sipping water throughout the day is a great way to keep up hydration…

Evening: You are about to sleep for hours- it’s good to be well hydrated. If you are someone who avoids water because you are afraid of waking up to go to the bathroom. (If you wake up to go to the bathroom- we need to talk. It’s not the urge to pee that wakes you up- you wake up and realize you need to pee. This will be addressed in the sleep challenge, but start addressing it now. Contact me with questions…)

Drinking water cold, room temperature, or hot is up to your preference. (Cold water might be absorbed more slowly.)

Another trick- water left at room temperature for a few hours will naturally filter out some chlorine- so it would technically be “healthier”.

Is anyone here waking up at night to go to the bathroom? This is a common dysfunction that needs to be addressed if so. The same goes for urinary incontinence. If you have it, its a very very common issue that is not unavoidable… For more please read Julie Weibe’s posts on incontinence…