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How Essential Oils Work

Physical Support:
There are constituents in the oils.  They are natural chemicals that create a response in the body. They have been used for centuries to support the body. I like using them to support wellness… The oils are fat soluble, so they absorb easily through the skin and cell membranes.  They also evaporate easily and can enter the body through the nose and mouth through smelling them.

Emotional Support:
 You know how a scent can make you remember something immediately?
When you smell the oils, it stimulates the olfactory receptors and activates regions of the brain’s limbic system associated with memory, emotion, stress response, pain, mood, etc.  The constituents send messages that carry out its effect on the body.

Even if you can’t smell, the molecules of the oils can create a response in the body to bring balance to certain body systems that are very supportive to health.

Keep essential oils away from the eyes and ears.

Use citrus oil on skin NOT exposed to direct sunlight.
(Even in blends.  Your skin will burn easily.) Some oils are hot (spicy). Especially don’t use those in the bath tub and be sure to mix them well before applying to skin. (Hot=cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, etc)

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! We all need different things.

More sensitive people need to dilute and be more cautious than less sensitive people.

Remember that the oils are fat soluble. If you get it in your eyes, or if it ever feels stingy – wash your hands and rub more carrier oil.

For Babies: the most gentle are Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Orange, Cedarwood. Start here.  Mamas, use your intuition.  Dilute well, and apply topically to the bottoms of feet to start, or place it on your chest- with baby nearby.  Diffuse the more gentle oils in closed areas.

Pregnancy: Avoid large quantities of Basil, Butch, Calamus, Cassia, Hyssop, Idaho Tandy, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon, Cinnamon Bark, Fennel, or Wintergreen.

Breastfeeding: No peppermint or anything from the mint family.

Animals- ideally research what works best for animals. Never enclose an animal in a room without the ability to leave if they want to. (leave this up to them.) Animals are VERY smell sensitive.

The top safety expert on essential oils is Robert Tisserand. He is uber cautious. If he says its safe, it should be (but still- everyone is different. Do what works for you.) He is so cautious, that some of what he cautions may be just fine.

(uplift the spirit):
Put on palms and inhale

Apply directly to skin or dilute with carrier oil.
Remember: with citrus oils – avoid direct contact with sun.

Can be helpful to dilute in oil.  (Salad dressing, smoothie, etc…)
Vitality essential oils

Diffusers: the best way to get a FEW drops into a LARGE area….

  • They set a mood (emotions)
  • Natural Room Fragrance (ditch the chemicals)
  • Deodorize bad smells
  • Clean the air (such as during family sickness)
  • 3-7 drops in water, according to diffuser directions

Inhalers: personal blends

  • Ideal for Sinus wellness blends since you breathe them directly to area
  • personal use: using oils doesn’t affect anyone else
  • on-the-go for travel, purse, backpacks, etc
  • great for ZYTO custom blends
  • 5 drops for children, 15 drops for adults
  • Lasts about 3 months then oils are evaporated

Blends in Creams: Fast absorption

  • ideal for blends for muscle cramps or muscle discomfort- absorbs quickly
  • ideal for blends for stomach wellness
  • use a drop of EO with a teaspoon of cream. 
  • to mix:
  • use 4 drops (children and elderly) to 27 drops (occasional use healthy adults) per oz of cream
  • use glass container or PET plastic container (oils could dissolve plastic)
  • Keep in cool dry place. 

How to Dilute and Apply Oils Topically

How to Use Your Diffuser (by Mama Natural)

Experience the Oils!

  • Lavender

  • Frankincense

  • Lemon Vitality

  • Thieves

  • Citrus Fresh

  • PanAway

  • Peppermint Vitality

  • DiGize Vitality

  • Raven

  • Stress Away

  • Copaiba Vitality

 We Invite You To Embrace Wellness, Purpose and Abundance with Young Living!

Why oils? 

We need them in our homes as part of a simple, chemical-free lifestyle.  When we take care of ourselves, we can fully take care of the others in our lives. When we care for our families with pure and powerful natural products we are giving them the best possible 

How do you begin?

With a Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

It’s the frugal way to buy everything you need to care for your family at almost half the price of retail.  It includes the diffuser ($100 value), eleven bottles of therapeutic grade oil ($170 value retail)… each bottle has 90 drops of oil in it — that’s 90 applications.

The kit also comes with bottles to share the oils with family and friends, an AromaGlide roll-on bottle to apply the oils on the go, and samples of Ningxia Red for full system support.  With all that, the kit is only $160 with the Dewdrop Diffuser!

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To maintain a wholesale membership, you just have to spend $50 on oils or products of your choice in a calendar year.
That’s like a bottle of highly concentrated Thieves cleaner (it makes 30 bottles of cleaner), which is the only thing I use to clean my counters, my stove, my floors, my windows, my bathroom.
And a bottle of Slique oil – a tasty citrus spearmint blend you put it in your water that supports your blood sugar and cravings between meals.

When you order a premium starter kit, you become part of a huge YL oily family who wants you and your family to be your most vibrant and healthy selves — and we will support you every step of the way.  Young Living has educational materials, blogs and podcasts, and I am one of your support team.  We will learn about and use oils together.  Our team has a Facebook Group that provides ongoing support, education, and monthly classes.  

Where do you start?

That’s as easy as going to the Young Living Website (see below for a link to connect you) click on “Become a Member” and fill out the form.  You’ll need a sponsor and enroller number (again, see below) because Young Living is a multi-level marketing company.  Instead of supporting the CEO of a huge corporation, you are supporting regular families like mine.  Every Young Living member has the option for unlimited possibilities to share with friends and build an income.

This is the perfect time to work on improving your family’s health.

People are starting to look at labels to see what they are putting into their bodies.

Can we live a completely toxic-free life?  No, but we can minimize our exposure.  The starter kit literally has a thousand uses, including immune support, emotional balance, uplifting spirits, grounding, soothing aches and pains, and freshening our food.   These eleven oils cover all the bases, from baby to parents to pets and home.  It’s the best way to start.  Young Living has other pure and natural products like toothpaste and deodorant, supplements, laundry detergent, dish soap, and beauty and pet supplies which you can also purchase with your wholesale discount.

We are the gatekeepers of our homes.   We can say, “I choose a less toxic life.  I choose an organic, natural life.”   YL essential oils are a way to do that.

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