The Premier Young Living Kit Oils Recipes

Premier Kit Oils Uses/ Blends:

Lavender: Lavender is great smelling, relaxing and calming for emotions,  safe for young children. Often called the Swiss Army knife of oils, it’s pretty much good for everything. It’s light fragrance balances out some harsher smelling oils…

My favorite uses:

  • a drop on a burn
  • mixed with aloe and put on a sunburn
  • mixed with orange essential oil and used with relaxation, calming and sleeping for adults and babies.
  • drop on chest rises to nose and helps calm cough
  • mixed with lemon and peppermint for seasonal wellness
  • Enhance your bath by adding 10 drops to 1 TBS full fat milk- THEN add to bath. You could use Epsom salts too
  • Smell directly from the bottle to quiet your thoughts
  • Put a few drops on a cotton ball and place in you linen closet to keep it fresh
  • Place a few drops on a wet cloth and throw into the dryer to freshen laundry



Lemon is bright and uplifting 

PHOTO SENSITIVE:  DO NOT place where the sun shines. BEST to INHALE, not apply

  • Oils so uplifting, it’s great as a wake-me-up (but don’t use at the end of the day)
  • great with lavender, peppermint for seasonal wellness
  • vitality oils- safe for consumption (one drop in water) adds delicious
  • In shower- place a drop on the floor to create wake-me-up morning steam
  • 1-2 drops help remove gum
  • 1-2 drops helps remove oil (be careful of surface area)


Peppermint: Bright and Stimulating

  • great for wake-me- up drop in shower
  • with lavender and lemon- great for seasonal wellness
  • a drop on the roof of the mouth (vitality) can help sinus (and good breath)
  • a drop on temples may help headache
  • great to help support concentration (studying)
  • helps deter pests in the kitchen (place on cotton ball near where they are coming in)

RC- blend that supports Lung health

My favorite way to support lung health (coughing).

  •  use in an inhaler
  • in a shower
  • in a steam bowl (hot water, add oils, use towels to create steam bath, hold towel above nose but below eyes so you don’t get steam in eyes.)

Copaiba: Power-up to wellness

  Ups the wellness factors of the other oils you use...

  • Known for being anti-inflammatory
  • Anxiety
  • nausea
  • many of the same properties as CBD oil, but no bad side effects

Di-gize: Digestion Wellness

This one I use, with a cream, directly on belly for digestion issues. Always rub in a clockwise direction.

Panaway: Muscle pain or ligament health

This is excellent in a salve or cream after exercise. It’s also great for improving ligament health.

  • Stimulating aroma and stimulating for muscles and joints
  • Uplifting for emotions

Stess-Away… What more can I say?

This is such a relaxing blend. Use where the sun doesn’t shine since it has lime oil in it.

  • calming- rub on the back of the neck
  • great to use to relax at night
  • bath: add to 1 TBS milk, then to bath with epsom salts 
  • Wear as perfume during the day

Purification: The BEST odor eliminator

  • Use in diffuser to eliminate odors due to cooked food, pets, anything
  • Put in baking soda to eliminate fridge odors or bathroom odors
  • A carpet freshner: in baking soda, sprinkle on carpet. Vacuum up
  • May work to repel bugs too

Thieves: Immune Support and Wellness

  • In Diffuser, use to clean air (See this article on how this works.)
  • Use on bottoms of feet daily to increase wellness
  • Woodsy, Christmasy smell in diffuser as well
  • LOTS of other thieves products: lozenges, cleaning products, etc
  • Make homemade cleaning products using thieves (see pinterest and youtube)

Frankincense: Mediation, Calming, and Adrenal Support

  • Often used during meditation, yoga, prayers to increase spiritual awareness
  • My biggest use: CALMING. And Tired and worn-out. For example:
  • Added to a NIGHT-TIME remedy
  • Added to a wellness formula when you’ve had it a while and you are fatigued and worn out
  • When feeling exhausted, put on back over adrenals to support
  • 1-2 drops on temples may improve concentration
  • supports skin health- add a drop to your skin cream then apply

Modes of Using your Essential Oils….

Diffusers: the best way to get a FEW drops into a LARGE area….

  • They set a mood (emotions)
  • Natural Room Fragrance (ditch the chemicals)
  • Deodorize bad smells
  • Clean the air (such as during family sickness)
  • 3-7 drops in water, according to diffuser directions

Inhalers: personal blends

  • Ideal for Sinus blends since you breathe them directly
  • using oils doesn’t affect anyone else
  • on-the-go for travel, purse, backpacks, etc
  • great for ZYTO custom blends
  • 5 drops for children, 15 drops for adults
  • Lasts about 3 months then oils are evaporated

Blends in Creams: Fast absorption

  • ideal for blends for muscle cramps or pain- absorbs quickly
  • ideal for blends for stomach wellness
  • use a drop of EO with a teaspoon of cream. 
  • to mix:
  • use 4 drops (children and elderly) to 27 drops (occasional use healthy adults) per oz of cream
  • use glass container or PET plastic container
  • Keep in cool dry place. 



Salves or Oil blends: slower and longer absorption

  • Great for longer lasting essential oil use
  • Often used in warming or cooling blends
  • Use the following dilution:
  • Children and elderly: 4-9 drops per oz
  • Adults: 27 drops per oz
  • Adult occasional use: 45 drops per oz

Salve recipe: many videos found on YouTube and Pinterest…

  • 1 oz (28 g) beeswax
  • 1 oz (28 g) cocoa butter
  • 2 oz (56 g) jojoba wax (oil)
  • 3 oz (84 g) coconut oil

Have water boiling in wide pot for the heating source to melt the products. The melting will be done in a PYREX measuring cup. (Think Double boiler method. Water underneath: warming up products in the pyrex measuring cup.) Start with the beeswax and cocoa butter- melt, add in jojoba and coconut oil (it will slightly solidify, but will melt with stirring and continued warming in water…)

In containers with tops, add the essential oils you want in the salve. Pour the melted salve mixture into the containers- mix. Cover and let sit as they cool and harden. (NOTE: this will make 7 oz of salve: you would probably put into 4, 2 oz containers with room for the oil and not to overflow…)



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