Breathing/ Core stability with Egoscue Static Back

Kathy Dooley’s breathing:

Egoscue Static Back :


Band exercises:

Rockband instructions printed:

Rocktape UK videos: Mobility (balls, bands)



Foam rolling: Soft/ Hard 

All the moves

Melt Pelvis:

Katy’s calf stretch– both a stretch and a gait length assess

Shiatsu pillow: Back/  Feet (Homedics)

Trigger point work: S- knob/ Mobility balls

Mobility Exercises: Only do these if you can ROTATE your back without pain

Upper Spinal floor Twist

Hip Crossover Stretch-

Cats and dogs:




Original Strength drills:


Foot: Bunion spacer, correct toes, Melt balls

melt balls

Short foot to core activation:

Emily Splichal:

Northwest Foot and Ankle videos/ Correct toes:

Katy Bowman Nutritious Movement: