Download the Movement Challenge PDF



Download the Movement Challenge PDF



The  Movement Challenge is designed to get you to MOVE MORE OFTEN during your day….

We start with a reflection of WHY it’s important to move more often and the challenge will run for three weeks. (They say it takes 21 days to start a habit….)

The Challenge is about moving three times a day. The what and how much you do will be up to you but the challenge is meant to encourage you to continue to push yourself a little more each day. There are also questions on being grateful, taking care of yourself, and your intention for the day …


 Please consult with your doctor if there is any question as to safety for your heart or otherwise for you to move more…By joining this challenge you take personal responsibility for your health and safety…

Make common sense choices- a good life skill to have.

What might LOSE if you don’t take care of your health right now…

Before We get started... Prepare to Succeed...

What made you say yes to the challenge? This is the time to make sure our Movement PDF is printed off (from above) and start exploring your WHY

Take a moment to reflect on what about this challenge is most important for you….

-Is it to increase your health and vitality?

-To be pushed intro trying new exercises or the motivation to win a challenge?

-To learn more about how correct posture and increased movement can decrease your aches and pains?

-Or simply to have fun while exercising with encouragement from family and friends?

What are your goals for the challenge?

What will it mean if you reach your goal?

How will you know you reach your goal?

What’s important to me about this?

What is one word or phrase that comes to mind when you imagine yourself experiencing your goal, in that way?

My song for the challenge is…

I will challenge these three people to join the challenge with me for support…..

Egoscue Exercises

A Warm Up and Cool Down Exercise Series

Always a good idea before movement is to

get properly aligned

and move from there…

Katy Bowman 

Walking Series

By Nutritious Movement

Creating a Strong and Stable

Foot and Gait…

with Katy Bowman and Dr.Emily Splichal

EBFA and Dr.Emily Splichal

Youtube videos

On barefoot exercise


Exercise Ideas:


Jumping rope

Dancing- Zumba, ballroom

Hoola hoops

Bike riding

Exercise classes

Exercise videos

Whatever makes you happy!

You can do any exercise you want, as long as you enjoy it and learn to move more often…

Now start moving…