Three steps to Natural Wellness

using Essential Oils



Three Best Simple Steps to greater health?

-Cut out the toxic crap

-Add in things that benefit you and your health

-Keep it going. Press the easy button when you can


Health is a spectrum.

 At one end is the best health possible. At the other end is the worst health. You will be somewhere on that spectrum. You could always be worse off than you are now, and you can always be better than right now. This fits for all things- healthy food, how much pain you are in, how happy you are, etc. We want to be continually making a move towards better health, happiness, etc. It’s not a race. In fact, there are rarely any “quick fixes” to completely change health overnight. However- slowly working towards that goal of better health using small, easy habit changes is one of the best ways to make lasting change. Life is not a race. It’s a journey. 

What are Essential Oils?

Plants contain plant essences. When these plant essences are separated from the whole plant, it becomes essential oil. The essences are the unique beautiful smell of the plants. It’s the safety mechanism of the plant, created in specialized glands for a purpose. That purpose may be to attract bugs (To pollinate it) to detract bugs (to avoid damaging plant) or to sustain greater warm or cold temperatures. Essentially- the plant creates the essence due to stress. Essential oils can be very helpful to help humans with stress too. Plants can create more than one type of essential oil- for example orange oil comes from the orange rind, neroli comes from the orange flower.

Essential Oils are best used to support wellness. The natural chemical constituents have been used for centuries to keep people healthy.

Supporting Wellness vs Sick-care

Essential oils support you being well and staying well emotionally and physically. Using essential oils is part of a movement toward putting effort into wellness– not waiting till you are sick and then aiming to get better. (You either spend money to stay well or spend it to get better…)

The shift is happening towards wellness and mindful living and you have the opportunity to be a part of it. People spend their money on what is most important to them. We are already seeing those around us spending their money on travel, life experiences, and overall health and wellness, valuing these things more than things. Essential oils and products made from them are a natural way to wellness…

One of the major health stressors- that you have complete control over- is your toxic load from the chemicals in the products you use… An average adult is exposed to more than 700,000 different toxic chemicals on a daily basis. Toxic chemicals are found in our water, the air we breathe, the clothing we wear, the carpet we walk on and the plastics that surround us. By eliminating unsafe products like shampoo’s, conditioners, lotions, face care products, candles and cleaners, and replacing it with safer, natural products, we can decrease a major toxin load on our body. As a wellness coach specializing in chronic pain, chronic stress, and chronic health conditions, this has been key to significant health improvement in my client’s and my family’s life….



I use Young Living Essential Oils

I was introduced to them twenty years ago in massage school. I have used and loved them ever since… For years I mostly used a FEW oil a LOT. (Thieves for immune support, and Valor, nicknamed the “chiropractor” because it helps with bone alignment. I found it also helped with energy alignment.)I started using more types of oils more often in the last few years. I use it as part of my “whole body approach to wellness”. I use it to support my clients wellness needs during the session and beyond. It’s common for my clients to ask for certain oils to be used in a session or an inhaler for travel to bring home.

How Safe are the products you use?

Most of us are using products that are questionable in safety…. You can test the safety of the products you use by using the appThink Dirty or enter ingredients into the Environmental Working Group’s site to see how your products line up. Note: Think Dirty doesn’t differentiate between “fragrances” and essential oils,  and the EWG won’t give great numbers if it’s un-tested, but they can be great at opening awareness of products…  Young Living has a lot of healthier products you can switch out for your un-healthy ones…. It doesn’t have to be all at once and it doesn’t have to be Young Living! But creating less of a chemical toxin load is ideal for better health

Essential Oil Services:

  • Inhalers and products for sale during massage sessions
  • Free online education to go with purchases of YL kits and oils
  • Free Business growing classes if you chose to sell the oils
  • Zyto Scan Service: A biofeedback experience for the best essential oils to balance your wellness. $50 with custom inhaler. Free if you buy your own oils, $20 if you buy the kit but use Rachel’s inventory….

To purchase oils, please click here:

Feel free to contact Rachel Dixon at or 508-364-2380 with questions….