From mashed potato overload to all the homemade pies, there are so many
pitfalls on our plates for the holidays. Now that we’ve arrived in the new year,
we can officially put that behind us and begin focusing on our goals for 2018.
Here are a few of my favorite ways to bounce back after the holidays:
-Reset your digestive system. When you wake up the morning, have a cup of hot
water with lemon. It helps restore your pH levels and speeds up the process of
detoxifying your body.
-Water, water, and more water. Whether you overindulged in dinner, dessert, or
drinks, or even all three, water helps recharge your body. It restores your energy
levels to every cell and further cleanses the body from toxins.
-Keep it simple. Keep the foods you eat simple and healthy. Make a homemade
soup filled with dark, leafy green vegetables, onions, and garlic, or try out a
green smoothie. The focus here should be simple, nutritious, whole foods. Soups
are ideal for this because they also can be hearty and soothing, something you
tend to feel drawn to during this time of year.
-Move it. Take a walk, do some yoga, or engage in any physical activity you
enjoy so long as you are moving. You’ll feel so much better inside and out. Plus,
there are benefits to sweating it out. It helps push the toxins out of your body,
leaving you feeling much more refreshed. If you can, try the sauna or steam
room at your gym following your workout, and you’ll feel amazing.
-Plan for next time. Consider what caused you to overdo it last time. Did you just
not fill your plate with green veggies and healthier options? Whatever it was,
think about how to prevent that from happening for the next time. By being
prepared for your triggers, you can avoid feeling like you’ve fallen off track next
There are always ways to better your eating habits so make a plan that helps you
focus, but allow for flexibility..