Although we often don’t focus on this enough, self-care is one of the best
ways to nourish your body and promote your overall health and well-being,
especially during the winter months.
Want to harness the power of self-care when the weather outside is frigid?
Try out these holistic self-care tips:
-Warm yourself from the inside out. Winter is the best time to enjoy those hot
beverages, but too much caffeine in your day can have a negative effect on
your body. Instead, try a healthy concoction of almond milk mixed with
ground cinnamon, ginger powder, turmeric powder and cardamom powder.
Nutmeg also adds that winter touch, and if you want something sweet, add a
small squirt of pure maple syrup. (Vitality essential oils can be used as well- ask me more about this!)
-Get a massage or self massage. The dry weather can ruin your soft skin, turning it
into a cracked and dry mess. Kill two birds with one stone by massaging
warmed organic oils into your skin. They will serve two purposes, the first
being to add a layer of protection to your skin so it won’t dry out. It also
helps to stimulate circulation, particularly to your hands and feet. Blood
flow is so essential for good health, so treat yourself to a self-massage
today! Aside from your oil massages, get an extra jar of coconut oil for
your bathroom and use it regularly on your dry skin. It also smells great!
-Embrace some humidity. Your sinuses may ache from all that cold wind
outside and your dry heat inside. Allow yourself to breathe freely by
enlisting the help of a humidifier in your home. It will add moisture back
into the air, making it comfortable for the tender parts inside your nose.Add essential oils to make it pleasant…

What are your favorite self-care practices you use? Comment below and let
me know what your go-to self-care practice is.