The Best way to do resolutions is… Not to. Most of us don’t actually follow through with our resolutions and that constantly reminds us where we are failing… After all, we tend to create resolutions for what we are already not doing…. What if, instead, we created an intention for the year- the aim or focus that we want…The focus should be listed in the positive, should be attainable, and is a way to explore and expand the best version of ourselves… It can also help to create an intention around different areas of your life… For example, my intention for my work this year is to SHOW UP more on my website and social media. I have always felt that my purpose in life was to get more information out there- and I need to get that started…I will never be expert- but I have a lot to share now.  Personally, I intent to make many of the small changes I coach people in (yet have a hard time doing myself) while honoring the fact that I need time to relax as well. For my family life- I intend to push the easy button with dinners while eating a healthy meal on the table- plan to see lots of crock pot and Instant pot dinner recipes being posted!

When you create Intentions for the New Year, it’s important to do the following:

1. Tell someone you trust about your intention
It’s one thing to declare them at your New Years Eve party; It’s quite another to tell
your best friend or your parents your plans for intentions for the upcoming year.
They’ll support you too, which can be the difference in making it happen. Write them
down and post them on your bathroom mirror. (Post-it notes work great! )  A constant reminder will help you stay

2. Don’t make too many at once
Resolving to get in better health by exercising and eating right is fantastic. But setting a
realistic timeline is crucial. For example, start incorporating more and more healthy
foods per week. Then begin challenging your exercise routine a little bit more as each
week passes. In this way, you’ll look forward to your goals and feel better about
accomplishing them.

3. Don’t just stay focused on your end result
Getting there is half the fun. The journey to achieving your goal should be made as fun
as possible given the circumstances. Set mini-goals to mark your path to the end goal.
Reward yourself when you get there, and remember it’s a learning process.

4. Clear your mind
Even without significant intentions, you must find time to decompress your mind.
Meditate, walk, write, read, or otherwise do something that pulls you away from a blue
screen and forces you to connect with your innermost self.

It’s all mind over matter, and what matters is you. You’ve got this! What is your
resolution or resolutions for 2018? I’d love to hear what you’re dreaming up for
yourself, and see how I can help you accomplish that.