Massage Cupping:

Massage Cupping therapy uses a cup with a vacuum to pull up on the skin and loosen tight tissue underneath. This creates less tension and more fluid movement.

Fascia is a web of connective tissue all through the body. It helps us maintain being upright (our posture) and affects our health through the lymphatic system that runs throughout it. Issues in fascia are often the reason we have muscle pain. (Fascia surrounds the muscle fibers and has ten times the nerve fibers that muscle cells do…)

Fascia can tear, which creates issues with adhesions. But fascia also creates adhesion when it’s underused. (Usually because we have limited range of motion in our sedentary lifestyle.)

Fascia is like saran wrap layers over each other. When it sticks together, you are limited ROM and pain. But when they are separated and filled with fluid ideal for fascial health, movement limited by fascia restrictions can be restored.

Cups “pull” the stuck fascia bits, creating space for ideally healthy tissue. It the “pull” to massage’s “push” and they complement each other well….

Massage Cupping can be done as part of a massage, or it could be a whole- body treatment addressing cellulite (deep cupping) and the lymphatic system (light cupping). Deep cupping for releasing restrictions can be uncomfortable- but the vacuum pressure can be adjusted to as needed… Most people love cupping and request it! It is not appropriate for people on blood thinners or with clotting disorders.

The biggest difference is the affect I get adding massage cupping into my practice- the results tend to be significantly greater and last longer than a massage without cupping in it…

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