Welcome to the Functional Foot Course!

In this class we are going to learn all about the foot and how it works with walking.
We will learn how to exercise and massage the foot so the muscles get strong.
We will align the body over the feet so it’s balanced and strong.
We will learn to move into walking ideally….

Foot pain has become very common- with people complaining of plantar fascitis, heel pain, bunions, hammertoes and more… Quite often, foot issues can be corrected with exercises and massage…

A Third of our muscles and bones reside in the ankle and foot. A full 33 joints in each foot. That alone indicates that our feet are meant to MOVE. Be flexible. Our hands not only have no limitations on movement- we have actually TRAINED our hands to become more dexterous.

When we put our feet in shoes we limit the movement in the toes and we really just use the ankle.  Imagine what would have happened if at 2, our parents had put on leather mittens that only let our hands move at the wrist. Our ability to do complicated motion would not happen.  Now- shoes do provide protection against hard surfaces and dangers from puncture- but they also keep us from moving as well as we should.

In a perfect world, we will develop the muscles needed in the foot, wear a shoe that fits our foot ideally, and wear the appropriate sole for the terrain. These will all be discussed in the course…

Why do we have Foot issues?

It’s not genetics- though we do learn gait from our parents… It comes from putting our feet in rigid shoes (which turn off the tiny toe muscles and over uses our calf muscles). Our sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help…

How do we correct foot strength?By stretching the calf muscles, and building strength in toe muscles. We also need to make sure we are aligning our body properly over our feet when standing, and using the right muscles when walking and running….

Building up toe  strength will improve the health of the sensory nerves in the bottom of the foot- the nerves that help with balance and a sense of ‘where we are’. Losing this sensory nerve health and balance will directly influence your ability to remain independent as an aging adult. 

Take a moment to see if your shoes fit…

Take off Shoe-

  1. Look at heel and toe of shoe. Are they flat or are they curved with a higher heel and a higher toe? This is common. The foot has a natural rocker motion and shoe designers think they are helping this motion. However- the rocker should come from tension created by your toe lifting- and if the shoe already lifts it, the tension isn’t created. Ideally, a flatter shoe is better…
  2. Take out sole and stand on it- do you fit entirely on the sole? Most people actually don’t. The shoe doesn’t fit you weight-bearing.
  3. Trace foot on paper and use this when you buy new shoes.
  4. Note your corns/callusus. These are created by friction. WHY there is friction should be figured out and corrected. It probably comes from gait.

For a video by Katy Bowman on Heel height affecting joints, please click HERE. 


How To Align your Body…

a.Foot position– We line up the  head 5th metatarsal and lateral maleolus as a straight line pointing in front. We do not count the toes. (The toes go whichever way they go.) This is likely to feel very pigeon toed, knock-kneed to us. This is because the hips commonly rotate in. You can check this out by looking behind the knee to the directions of the hamstring lines….

Click HERE for a video by Katy Bowman describing the knee foot relationship…

Ideal Alignment 

is when your feet are hip distance apart,

your pelvis has scooted back over your ankles

and on the bottoms of your feet have the three contact points to the ground…

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