Postural Alignment Session

 Postural Alignment method is based on the following:

People in pain and spend a lot of money seeing professionals who treat the area of pain.

Postural alignment looks at the body as a unit, instead of focusing on the area of pain.  Postural alignment sessions look to stack the body properly, from the feet up.

When properly stacked and moving properly, the human body has the ability to heal itself and be free from pain.

How are you stacked?

Eliminate Chronic Pain
Prevent issues with ideal Posture
Exercise and Movement for Life

Would you benefit from Postural Alignment Therapy?

To see how your body is stacked try the following: Be in front of a mirror if possible, or have someone take a picture of you top to bottom.

Stand up. Step back and forth, get comfortable in your usual position. (Close your eyes if safe) Feel the weight that is in your feet. Is the weight equal left to right, or is more weight on one foot? Is your weight through your ankles or in your mid foot?

Open your eyes and look down at your feet. Are they pointing straight ahead? Out like a duck? Are they doing the same thing, or are they in different directions?

What about your knees? Are they pointing straight ahead?

Place your hand at your hips bones. Is one higher than the other?

Look at your shoulders? Is one higher than the other? More forward than the other?

Is your head tilted to one side?

From the side, is your pelvis forward of your ankles or shoulders? They should be all stacked straight up?  is your head forward of your pelvis?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, postural alignment therapy is a good choice…

 Sedentary lifestyle with limited range of motion leads to painful but avoidable consequences….

These can be reversed with the proper stimulation ….

What makes this Program Different than Exercise Class?

  • Postural Exercises stack your body. They do not increase cardio.
  • Learn how to do the work yourself, at home.
  • No specialized equipment required
  • Exercises that meet you where you are and can be progressed
  • Exercises that make you feel better
  • Continue to maintain your results for the rest of your life
  • An approach that deals with the root cause of the problem, not just the site of the pain

One-On-One Therapy- Online

Therapy appointments are conducted in person or online.

The initial consultation is 30 min and free, where we go over your issues and goals and create a plan. Prior to this free consulation, you should have filled out the paperwork including your personal assessment. If you decide to work with me, the Initial assessment would be scheduled.

The Initial Assessment lasts for 1.5 hours and begins with a physical assessment.  You will be assigned a customized sequence of stretches and exercises called a daily menu. Most clients will need to do their menu once per day, and some will need to do their menu twice per day for best results. Your menu will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on what you need and what you are realistically able to do.

Follow up sessions last for one hour and are scheduled several times a week to every several weeks.  Learning how to do the exercises correctly, and learning how to feel the changes in your body is a process that takes time, and multiple sessions for most people. Your menu will be emailed to you AND available in a phone app that lets you give feedback allowing for very tailored exercises.

In subsequent sessions your exercise routine will be reviewed with you to ensure you are staying on track, posture will be re-assessed, and your exercises will be adjusted on an as-needed basis in order to promote progress.

The Postural Alignment Session is done in a series. 

The Consultation is FREE and is scheduled after the forms are submitted, including health history and your postural assessment.

The Initial session includes a professional posture and movement assessment, a E-Pete computer generated exercise menu that is adjusted to the client’s time allowance and goals… it is 1.5 hours and $150.00.

Subsequent sessions are 1 hour and cost $100.00  as we further adjust the exercise menu to the changes the client has accomplished…

For regular massage clients, Egoscue menus could be a $50 add-on to their massage- in this case, a E-cise menu would be emailed to you after your massage session based on the postural deviations you showed.

The time frequency depends on the client, but generally the sessions would be several weeks apart, with the client working on their menu daily for 15-45 min…

Preparing yourself for your Initial Appointment:

The more prepared you are going into your appointment, and the more you do your menu and communicate with your therapist, the better your results will be….

  1. Fill out the Client Forms and email them prior to your appointment. Don’t forget this!
  2. Wear layers, but please come dressed with clothing that lets us see your body. For example, bike shorts and a sports bra top or camisole.
  3. Consider reading the Pete Egoscue books ,Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain and The Egoscue Method of Health through Motion  
  4. Have a space available for online viewing of whole body. Feel Free to contact Rachel with questions prior to your session…

Frequent Questions:

Where did you get your training?  I am a certified Postural Alignment Specialist through Egoscue University. I also have had training and education through Aligned and Well, The EBFA (exercise barefoot academy), Functional Movement Therapy, Rocktape professional education and more….

Why did you study posture and functional exercise? This was the piece that was missing in correcting chronic pain through massage. The postural work complements massage really well in that massage releases or changes tissue tension, but sometimes people need to “build up” or stimulate/stabilize their muscles. I’ve had more people with issues lately with uneven or weak muscles in their hips/pelvis especially- they have a pelvis shifted way forward.  Often times with an anterior pelvis, externally rotated hips, and everted feet.  Postural alignment sessions takes people through a series of e-sizes (they stretch or stimulate, and sometimes simultaneously)  to reduce rotation in pelvis or hips, neutralize pelvis (getting both sides to work together), engage the deep stabilizers, and tie it all together globally.

How do you get to know a client’s postural deficits/needs? I generally start by an initial massage since my hands have twenty years of touch education and I instinctively “feel” what is going on in the body. For example: in a massage I feel where there is uneven tension between the ligaments and muscles in the sacrum (a place that should be equal right to left), I feel rotations in the shoulders, I feel when the ribs (which should be slightly mobile) are rigid, I feel when one calf is tight on the same side as a low tone glute and a foot bunion…. Then I look at the body. The body should be equal right to left, front to back, and top to bottom. The main points (ankles, knees, shoulders, and head) should be pointing forward. When they aren’t, it means there are differences in how the body is being used. When we use our parts differently we overuse some parts and lack properly stimulating others, a necessary nutrient to a healthy body….


For questions- please email Rachel at