My Story:

I have a very early memory of touch. The memory was how everything was ok when my mother rubbed my back…   I also had the gift of “magic hands” that brought me to specialize in massage…       

I am a massage therapist who specialized in chronic pain and stress management for the past twenty years. While massage was wonderful for some, it was the not the solution for everyone. Massage helped people with tight fatigued muscles, and it helped relax people. For the people who had stability issues- it did not help at all. The massage rarely was a permanent fix for anything.

This is because it did not correct WHY the person had the issue.

I expanded where my practice was lacking by getting a lot of education around posture, the nervous system, corrective exercise, and how the brain works in relation to stress and pain. This was a game changer!

Now I help people come up with a plan that includes Stability for muscles and joints so they work ideally, Release for tight muscles through massage, cupping or stretching, and Healthy Living Choices that reduce the physical or emotional stress the body is under….

I live on Nantucket Island with my husband, and two children.


My Training

Having been in the wellness industry for over 20 years, I have a wealth of knowledge and certifications that I use in my “whole body” approach to wellness…. They include:

  • Holistic Health Practicioner , Mueller College of Holistic Studies
  • LMT since 1998
  • Postural Alignment Therapist- Egoscue University
  • Restorative Breathing
  • Medical Massage Cupping
  • Rock Tape
  • Certified Health Coach, Health Coach Institute
  • Functional Foot Therapist, Katy Bowman

I offer my services on Nantucket Island and via online coaching year round. I look at each client individually to bring their bodies to balance.

Let me state here… I am not perfect! I came to study all these modalities because I have been and always will be on the journey to improve my life. I have dealt with emotional eating- postpartum depression- weight gain. Habit change has not been something that comes easy to me.

Because my family has a host of issues including ADHD, Rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, and Autism spectrum…I have experience in looking for the holistic balance to dealing with medical issues…. I feels that a balance of both is ideal.

Here is 5 Things you may not know about me:

  1. I love to study! I am always studying. I just love to learn new things.
  2. I grew up on Nantucket Island, the oldest of seven kids. My Dad is a commercial fisherman and my Mom a seamstress. We were home schooled.
  3. Before I started my family, I was a midwife assistant (to a home-birth midwife), a Doula, a lactation consultant, La Leche League leader, Infant Massage instructor, and still am an all-around natural birth, attachment parenting advocate. My children were also born at home.
  4. I like to be licensed. I have a license in manicuring, aesthetics and massage.
  5. I really love chocolate. Dark chocolate.

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