The Simple Solution I write about today is the second most common set of E-cises (postural exercises) I give to my clients. These are solutions to Rotations in our pelvis and shoulders.  

We have these rotations because we move in patterns, do activities in one way,, have repetitions that are similar to each other and similar in what we do, day in and day out WITHOUT putting our bodies back in neutral.

How this looks in our bodies if we have rotations?

We might have one shoulder in front of the other, or one hip bone. This may make us look unlevel.
We might look down and see our feet with one forward of the other, sometimes also pointed out more.
A lot of people aren’t aware of their rotations unless we irritated our back or between our shoulder blades. When we start to do the exercises to normalize the rotations, we might find our brain has a hard time making the moves against the way we rotate.  For example-I am dominant right handed and in work, I rotate much more to the LEFT. If I isolate my movement to the right, I have to stop and think about it.

How do we address it? 
We introduce movement in both directions, (notice what is easy and what is not)
In this case: These E-cises are FOR HEALTHY BACKs that tolerate twisting. Do not work through pain.
Upper Spinal Floor Twist: addresses Thoracic rotation and hip stability
Hip Crossover Stretch: addressers External hip stretch, and stretch into back
Then we always neutralize with hooklying glute squeezes.
Give them a try and let me know what you think!


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